Just Draw 3D
The toys need your help! The picture will be presented to you, you can use your creativity to find the missing object, and then draw it in the correct position! A beautiful cup needs a handle! The cute panda has one ear missing! ! Each level is a brain teaser, and only the smartest people can figure it out. Solving puzzles has never been so fun.
Each level is well thought out and carefully designed to challenge you. Worried about bad drawers? Our drawing algorithm can even recognize the best sketches, doodles and images you might create


Coin Run Rush Coin Run Rush Coin Run Rush
Sporos Sporos Sporos
Ping Pong Ping Pong Ping Pong
Balloons Creator Balloons Creator Balloons Creator
Brick Brock GD Brick Brock GD Brick Brock GD
Orange Ranch Orange Ranch Orange Ranch